Tweets I Didn’t Send

ICYMI, I have been avoiding Twitter™ since mid-July. As part of a church plant (yay!) my priorities have changed (a quote on that in the body of this post). So the social media world has missed my “words of wisdom” as of late. But my avoidance of Twitter™ doesn’t necessarily imply I didn’t think of … Read more

Ep. 038 | Christians, Social Media, and Censorship — TAU Roundtable

George Alvarado and Michael Coughlin are joined by Robert Reece from Red Grace Media to talk about the more recent controversial issue of whether social media and YouTube are censoring Christians. Who is the most lenient between Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube when it comes to censorship? What is “shadow banning” and how does it affect … Read more

Brown Journalism

This past week we witnessed one of the ugliest instances of “journalism” I have ever seen. A young man from Iowa stumbled into raising over a million dollars for a children’s hospital in his home state. It’s the same hospital that overlooks the University of Iowa’s football stadium. The same hospital that gets waved to … Read more

I’m Sorry You Were Confused

On the daily, there is an instance where a social-justice-oriented famous “Christian” says something borderline heretical, completely asinine, or self-contradictory and then, after the backlash, tries to walk back what they said. During this walk back they try to shift blame to the receivers and accuse them of twisting words or of just not understanding … Read more