Answered Prayers – Ministry Report for Sept 21, 2019

On September 21, 2019, I was joined by a faithful group of evangelists and an old friend. Andrew Jones, Jason Roberts, Miri Roberts, and Wesley Coughlin are regulars at Ohio State football games. Cory Wasmus, an old friend was able to come as well! It was a great day...

Placebo Prayers

Last weekend, we had 6 men preaching God’s Word in our group. We split into two groups of 3 and separated physically. This allows us to always have 2 men preaching the mystery of the gospel. So we were able to achieve nearly 5 hours of street preaching in 2.5 hours, with each man carrying no more than about an hour of the load. But this week, I was the only preacher, and I was committed to¬†filling the time. How God enabled that to happen is truly remarkable!

God Blesses Preaching

Hi Michael, I was just thinking about you, our conversation almost two years ago now. I wanted you to know that I'm saved, Michael! It feels so amazing, and I still struggle to make sense of the burden that has been lifted in my life. I have been personally thanking...