Ep. 036 | Misunderstanding Covenantalism vs Dispensationalism — TAU Roundtable

George Alvarado is joined by guest, Andrew Rappaport from Striving from Eternity, to discuss misunderstandings between Covenantalists and Dispensationalists. Andrew Recently recorded a short series on his podcast, The Rapp Report, that addresses some of his perspectives, as well as recent statements made by John MacArthur from the Shepherd’s conference about the Christocentric hermeneutic. He … Read more

Why Did Jesus Weep?

But it does matter how we interpret the Bible. Our willingness to state things as fact which are ‘open to interpretation’ will affect our life and doctrine in more important areas. And whether or not you are willing to have a traditional understanding of a passage challenged could be an indicator of your own humility. A new understanding of a verse or a passage may not be life-altering, but why wouldn’t we want to be more faithful to God’s Word?

Why We (Still) Warn Against Beth Moore

Because pop-Christianity runs down stream a few years from the culture, thanks to Twitter, the bread and butter of Evangelicalism these days seems to be this wild, incoherent, seemingly-inebriated version of Hunger Games or Fortnight or whatever violent entertainment the kids like these days, where the main character (the Evangelical) and his clique tries to be … Read more

Ryle, Reading, and Reverberation

Reading the Bible consistently and expectantly at the same time can be a bit challenging. We often find ourselves doing one or the other, depending on where we’re at. I can read the narrative of Genesis pretty consistently (which I’m doing right now, actually), because I want to know what’s up next or just enjoy the … Read more