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Covenant Theology and The Fulfillment of the Promises of God (book reviews)

In this article we review a pair of great books which look at the many variations of Covenant Theology.

The Second Eve Undoes the Curse? — Addressing that Rachel Jankovic blog post, part 2

In part '0' of this series, I went through a fairly dry history of how "second Eve" has been used from the time of the early church until now. In part 1, I dug into the Jankovic article on the question of second Eve and how her use of the term creates too much...

Take Up the Part of Second Eve? — Addressing that Rachel Jankovic Blog Post, part 1

In part '0,' I addressed the history of the term "second Eve" with respect to Rachel Jankovic's post at the Desiring God blog titled "The Second Eve: How Christian Women Undo the Curse." My own research found a few previously claimed examples of second Eve: Mary...