Pandemic, Wildfires, and Holy Matrimony

I recently had the privilege of officiating two weddings. And what a treat it was! But because of our "pandemic" and wildfires, there were plenty of details that made these events, well...special. First, in an effort to honor the godly couples, I must point out that...

Book Review — Kingdom Through Covenant – 2nd Edition

In Kingdom Through Covenant – 2nd Edition, Gentry and Wellum have given us a much needed updated to their seminal work on the biblical covenants. Whether one finds their arguments convincing or not, theologians who argue for or against covenant theology or dispensationalism will eventually have to consider the claims made by the authors.

3 Most Important Parts of a Marriage Ceremony

There are truckloads of webpages about how to officiate a marriage ceremony. And for the most part, what the couple wants may dictate the majority of those details. But I believe there are three essential parts of a marriage ceremony where I encourage every Bride and...
The New Covenant: Unmixed, Unbreakable, & Unconditional (Part 1)

The New Covenant: Unmixed, Unbreakable, & Unconditional (Part 1)

Reread the title again. Let those words burn into your memory like a branding iron. The New Covenant (NC) that our LORD Jesus Christ inaugurated with his own blood (Hebrews 9:14-15) is unmixed, unbreakable, and unconditional. For some, this may seem obvious. But for...