Dear Egalitarian: Even Some Men Are Not Qualified

Beth Moore

With all the hubbub about Beth Moore and her doubling down concerning being qualified to preach, social media has erupted with pragmatic reprimands. From the laymen to the pulpit, it seems like the giant elephant in the room has grown too big for evangelicalism to ignore. But while it may be easy to poke the … Read more

Don’t Mention the Tension: STTA!

Something to think about!

Somewhere along the way, Denny, we have to reckon with the fact that we – myself included – went too far. We put limitations on women that exceeded what Christ demonstrated. We did it instead of wrestling with the tension between the Gospels & epistles. We’re watching a backlash. — Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) March 4, … Read more

Why We (Still) Warn Against Beth Moore

Because pop-Christianity runs down stream a few years from the culture, thanks to Twitter, the bread and butter of Evangelicalism these days seems to be this wild, incoherent, seemingly-inebriated version of Hunger Games or Fortnight or whatever violent entertainment the kids like these days, where the main character (the Evangelical) and his clique tries to be … Read more