YouTube, Censorship, and the Christian (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post by Robert Reece from taken from a social media posting.

Christian Censoring?

My business deals with marketing and using various platforms to promote offers for sale, running ads, etc. This is how I make money. So I have knowledge of how YouTube operates.

Recently there have been a number of Christians claiming YouTube is censoring Christian content. And I’m here to tell you that they are probably not.

Now that isn’t to say they aren’t censoring content. YouTube is definitely run by leftist elites who don’t want conservative content and certainly rail against Christian content. But they aren’t censoring you (not really).

Am I saying YouTube has never removed Christian content? No. But dear Christian they aren’t targeting you.

Will they? Potentially.

But they are not currently seeking all these Christian channels and taking down content. What they are doing that may be considered censorship is they aren’t displaying your content to the broad audience on their platform when you speak about certain subjects like let’s say homosexuality, transgender issues, etc.

They Owe You Nothing

Now we must remember one thing even if they are censoring content.

They are a private company. They owe you, me, and Joe Schmo nothing. They allow us to upload videos absolutely for free. And they have a set of rules that change as the times change and we are beholden to recognize and abide by those rules. If you want to make the argument that “it’s a public forum,” you can. But that’s for another day. However, when you create an account and agree to their terms of service you are agreeing to the rules they have.

As of now, YouTube does not censor your content in terms of Christian content in the sense of you aren’t allowed to upload and grow a following. But they do currently demonetize videos (which means you won’t get paid by YouTube or its partners to run ads on your videos).

Remember this, they get paid by advertisers. When an ad is displayed on your video YouTube gets paid and you can potentially get a cut. If your content isn’t advertised friendly guess what? You don’t get paid because YouTube doesn’t get paid by their customers. That’s it. That’s the secret. That may be why your video doesn’t get monetized.

What Are They Censoring?

YouTube does in fact censor content. YouTube does ban and remove content. But as of right now it is not Christian content that they are removing. It typically is concerned with health-related topics like vaccines. It’s concerned with pornography (to a point), pro White supremacist materials, explicit types of murder on film (not news related footage), suicide videos, certain things in the realm of what is considered conspiracy theories, but none of which are Christian specific content.

Recently there have been brothers questioning about this image.

Depending on the content Found in the video and certain settings on individual YouTube accounts, you may see something like this when you click to watch a video that you’ve seen posted from Facebook. It is also important to note this is an iPhone exclusive issue while using the Facebook app.




It has to do with settings and content topics of the YouTube channel.

Before I show you the fix let me explain why you would see the image.

Laws and Browsers

1. The video creator has certain settings based on new laws regarding content topics and children that have recently been enacted: (…/youtube-channel-owners-your-content-d…)

2. You’re using the in-app browser for Facebook. This means it’s not opening videos on YouTube’s native app on your mobile nor is it opening in a traditional browser like chrome, safari, or Firefox. It’s using Facebook’s built-in browser which is terrible and should never be used by anyone.

3. When it opens on the Facebook browser you’re not signed in to Facebook where it can actually detect how old you are.

How Can We Fix It?

So what’s the fix?

1. Click “open app” when you see this image. (Shown in the image above)

2. If you absolutely must see the video using the Facebook browser, forget it! You probably won’t be able to. Click “open app”

3. If you are getting the same message in your YouTube app it’s because you’re not signed in. So sign in.


(This was not meant as an exhaustive treatment on the subject of Christian censorship nor censorship as a whole. But it has been a public service announcement by Robert Reece.)

2 thoughts on “YouTube, Censorship, and the Christian (Guest Post)”

  1. It’s now February 2024 and guess what … Youtube IS taking down the Christian videos from my church.
    Its a long way away frfom the apologetic post by Robert Reece in 2020 stating that YouTube do not censor videos.

    I guess it’s time for an update – the world is a long way from Covid … they are coming for Christian content now.


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