Corona Virus, Conspiracy, and the Kingship of Christ: STTA

Its mortality rate is low, but its infection rate is high. They are restricting gatherings of 500…no wait, 250. Nope. Now it’s 50. Sorry, it’s 10 now. For sure now the government is going to restrict our liberties. The President is now going to stay in power. If only we would listen. Or maybe if we only practiced civil disobedience. Or perhaps if we took elderberry, essential oils, vitamins, washed our hands, covered our mouths when we sneeze, and practice social distancing, we wouldn’t have this issue. Maybe. But perhaps this is all a hoax. And after this blows over, we’ll have a state of utopia like never before. Or maybe, this is the end of the world? You think?

With all the conspiracy and hype that has happened since this particular kind of Coronavirus has stepped on the scene, there has been no shortage of origin stories, reasons why people believe this is happening, and beliefs about what will be the results once it’s over. I have my own ideas like everyone else, of course. But as a short reminder, I want to point everyone to the top 3 biblically-validated conspiracy theories that we can be sure of during such an interesting time as this.

1. Mankind is Corrupt

It isn’t that hard to witness this, but it is hard for many to believe. Mankind is generally untrustworthy (Psa. 58:3). That’s because the Bible teaches that man is born in sin. And that unless they are born again, they will seek out evil schemes and devices that suit their sinful desires (John 3:19-21). Men in power are no exception. When provided the opportunity, greed, power, lust, and self-interest will direct the hearts of those who do not honor God. But this shouldn’t surprise us. So when we hear of the schemes of men who desire to use this pandemic to capitalize with nefarious plans, let’s not act as if this isn’t expected. This doesn’t mean we cannot be outraged by sin. Nor does it mean we cannot confront the evil and call men to repent and believe the gospel. Let’s just remember that the Bible testifies that this is what unbelievers do.

2. Satan is Cunning

While the above conspiracy can be obvious to many who have two eyes, the reality that Satan is the god of this world (little “g”) is an even less believable conspiracy (2 Cor. 4:4), even by some who say they believe the Bible. In the Western world where the occult is now advancing. And where atheism, empiricism, naturalism, and nihilism have taken root. It’s not surprising that people don’t believe in a real devil. And what the Bible teaches us is that while men serve their own sinfulness, Satan and his demons are much obliged to aid in that desire (1 John 3:8).

So even if we are aware of man’s evil ways, we must also be just as aware that Satan’s status quo is to destroy mankind and promote rebellion against God (Job 2:4-6). This doesn’t mean the Coronavirus is a Satanic attack. Man is ultimately responsible for his or her own actions and cannot blame anything on Satan for the evil that comes from this (James 1:14-15). But knowing that there is a real spiritual enemy who deceives minds should help us to remain vigilant, without panic or confusion.

3. Christ is King

Finally, the ultimate conspiracy theory that man does not want to believe is that Christ is King! He is incontestably and irrefutably in control of this whole pandemic. What this means is that whatever the outcome is, he is still the Sovereign orchestrator. This should bring both comfort and conviction. For Christians, this is comforting because all things work together for their good (Rom. 8:28). For the unbeliever, this should cause conviction to look to Christ for salvation. This should not only bring them to their knees when facing their mortality, but the reality that they’ve sinned against a holy and good God. And that forgiveness and reconciliation with him is their greatest need. Because dying without a Savior is even more tragic then contracting the Coronavirus.

And whether we like it or not, if man is responsible for creating this pandemic, or even capitalizing on it, God will judge them (Matt. 25:41). And Satan will follow. But the good news is that because Christ has defeated the powers of sin and death by His perfect life, substitutionary death, and glorious resurrection, we can turn from our sin and trust him to save us. Not from contracting the virus. But from our sin! Because no matter what happens on this earth, whether I get to keep my job or not, whether I am sick, hungry, or poor, Jesus Christ has promised me eternal life when I am saved by his grace (Phil. 4:11-13). And that may be the hardest conspiracy for men to believe. Because it takes an act of spiritual and supernatural grace by the Holy Spirit to change your mind (John 6:63; 2 Thess. 2:13).


So I pray that we grasp at least two things: 1) Even if we were right about all our conspiracy theories as to why this pandemic is occurring, wouldn’t we want, first and foremost, people to know Christ to be saved? Even if we were right about all that we suspected and we won others to our theories, if we don’t gain a soul to Christ, what good have we really accomplished? 2) That as believers, we would look to Christ as the ultimate orchestrator of earth’s events. And he will bring to pass his redemptive plans. Sure, men can conjure up all kinds of evil. But what men do for evil, God works for our redemptive good and his ultimate glory. And there is no sinister plan that man has that can overthrow the Sovereign purposes of Christ our King.

Just something to think about.

– Until we go home

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  1. Typo:

    This is should bring both comfort and conviction. For Christians, this is comforting because all things work together for their good (Rom. 8:28).


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