To Give His Son a Bride

God put the helpless Man to sleep
and opened up his side
A promise old, intent to keep,
to give His Son a Bride
Adam awoke to see the gift,
his eyes on her steadfast,
A perfect helper for him fit,
he cried to God ‘At Last!’

The glory of that fateful day,
too soon it was dismayed
As Satan led the girl away,
and Adam disobeyed
They fled disgraced, God called their name,
though they strove to hide
The promise old, ‘twas still His aim,
to give His Son a Bride

But years unfurled, sin seemed to reign,
as all grew worse and worse
Men to their holy Maker raged
and suffer’d ‘neath the Curse
Was all lost? Was hope removed?
Had just a lie been told?
No, God would have His promise proved,
and sov’reign plan unfold

In humbleness, the Son of God
took on human skin
Full obedient earthly trod,
He had a Wife to win
Then on the Cross God crushed the Christ,
they opened up His side
A promise old, this was the price,
to give His Son a Bride

The darkness of that fateful day
would vastly be outshone
When heavy stone was rolled away,
to show Last Adam won
See, on Tree the work complete,
when the Savior bled
The debt for sin the Son did meet,
and bruised the Serpent’s head

Thus resurrected from the grave,
the promise carried on
The Son of God a Bride would have,
now just to bring Her home!
In sin-stained clothes, His Love remained,
and so, She sought to hide
But God the Spirit called Her name,
redemption was applied

Awakened to a brand-new life,
Her sinfulness confessed
The Woman readied as a Wife
and donned a Wedding dress
Then at the meal of the Beloved,
all Heaven gladly cried
“At last! At Last!” God’s promise proved,
to give His Son a Bride

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