Book Review and Giveaway: CSB He Reads Truth Bible

The CSB has fast become one of my favourite translations of the Scriptures. Combining accuracy to the original languages of the Scriptures with clear readability, it’s become my go-to for reading, study and public ministry of the Word.

The CSB He Reads Truth Bible, the latest offering from Holman Publishers, is designed with one goal in mind: to encourage “Men in the Word of God every day”. As a Bible teacher myself with a special desire to see men embrace the Word in all of life, I was especially excited to take a look at this Bible and see if it delivered what it promised.

I am happy to report it does.

What The CSB He Reads Truth Bible Does Well

The CSB He Reads Truth Bible does a number of things remarkably well.

Book Introductions

Each book of the Bible in this edition opens up with a fantastic introduction designed to expound key themes and prepare the heart for the study of each book. A welcome feature of these intros is the “Read and Understand” plans included. These reading plans provide a map to the book as well as providing passages in other portions of the Bible that expand on the themes in the reading plan. In writing this review, I focused my review on the letter to the Hebrews and the introduction was arguably one of the most succinct I’ve come across in many study Bibles.

Letter Art/Key Verses

Each book has a key verse assigned and with it a hand-drawn artist’s rendering. One might quibble with the choice of key verses but on the whole, the choice of verses maps well with the content.

In-Text Content

Throughout the Bible, there are a number of helpful charts, maps and insert that highlight key content throughout the book. I found the inserts in the letter to the Hebrews incredibly helpful and the kind of resource I would want to put into the hands of a brother I knew was new to studying Scripture.

Designed for Interaction

The page design in this Bible is made for hands-on interaction. Though a little unwieldy at times, the wide margin and clear font size make this the kind of Bibles you would want to make notes in. I personally take a lot of notes directly in my Bibles and so this layout is about as perfect as a Bible could get for me without breaking the bank (if my American friends use that expression…)

These benefits make this Bible one worth owning but that is not to say there are no shortcomings.

What Could Be Improved in the CSB He Reads Truth Bible

Paper Quality

As much as the design and layout scream for hands-on interaction, the paper quality is unfortunately too thin and bleeds through the other side. I imagine one using a pencil would have better results than I did using an average ball-point but the problem of the paper is one worth noting


This is not a small Bible. Personally, I like larger Bibles but I also appreciate this is not most people’s preference. (footnote: I preach out of a full size CSB Study Bible and the Bible I preached out of prior to that was an ESV Reformation Study Bible – both not small Bibles!) That may lead to this being a “desk Bible” for some.

Overall Impressions

Those issues aside, Holman has done a masterful job of taking the vision of He Reads Truth and marrying with great Bible text to produce an edition of God’s Word that has potential to be a great tool for Bible study. I would heartily recommend this for men who want to jumpstart their Bible study habits and spend time in God’s Word.

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