Conference on Suffering: An Interview with Andrew Rappaport

When I saw that Striving for Eternity was going to hold a conference in March, I was immediately intrigued. I “worked” for Striving for Eternity (paid in sushi and pizza) for a few years with the role or organizing and emceeing the “Fire” conferences on evangelism. I know the heart of Striving for Eternity and fully endorse them as Bible-focused and mature in Christ.

Sanctification through Suffering Conference
Conference Held March 15-16 2019 at the
Chinese American Bible Church, 65 Gibson Place, Freehold, NJ, 07728


The theme of the conference is “Sanctification through Suffering.” The speakers are Justin Peters, Frank Mullis, Joe Suozzo, and Coleen Sharp of the Theology Gals podcast who will be there to speak to and minister to women. And, as can be expected, Andrew Rappaport the founder and president of the ministry will be there as well.

Andrew gave me some of his time and allowed me to ask him some questions about the conference. If you can make it, I’m sure it will be an edifying time. If not, he said they’d be interested in bringing a similar conference to your church. You can contact him here:

Andrew Speaks

Michael: Andrew, what is your goal with this conference?

Andrew: The goal is to help people who are struggling. This is something new for us, and I don’t know how this is gonna work. We are going to try to end the conference early on Saturday with a Q&A around 2:30. I’m hoping the Q&A could roll over into small group counseling. Like, there may be mothers struggling with issues. Maybe Justin could handle people struggling with physical things.

We are going to try to focus on anxiety, depression, physical ailments—things like that. As well, persecution is something that is going to become an issue for the church real soon.

Michael: What should people leave with?

Andrew: Well, we may have unbelievers attend. We would want them to leave knowing the gospel. For believers, we want to them to learn to focus on how God can use their suffering for their sanctification. The desire is to change their perspective from focusing on the suffering to how God can use that suffering in His plan for them. To see suffering as an opportunity for God to do something in their life.

Michael: There are some various types of suffering, including people who don’t believe they suffer. How will you minister to these diverse groups?

Andrew: For some types of suffering, we want people to be able to see that there is a path out of it. For others, they need to learn what it means to continue in godliness even if there is no end in sight.

And for those who do not suffer, we hope you will attend so that you may learn how to help your friends or family who are suffering. So if you don’t think you struggle with things, you know someone who does. Learn the tools to help others. Most of us don’t want to admit we struggle, but realistically, we are not admitting to a struggle by attending.

How YOU Can Help

Whether you are in the area or not, please pray for these dear brothers and sister in Christ who desire to see Christ exalted and to minister to the needs of His people. And if you are able to help sponsor someone to attend who could not otherwise afford it, you can donate here:

And if you can make time to attend, I think this will be a time of edification and joy in the Lord Jesus.

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