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Something To Think About!

Being a TAU writer has offered me a view of a process with which I have no personal experience: the sale of a Christian book. Allen Nelson’s From Death to Life is available on ThingsAbove.Us, and it was always my impression that when a man sold a book, “he basically got rich on royalties.” Allen offers his book with some set pricing but is very open about being willing to drop the price—and people ask for discounts. Ultimately, I think it is more important to Allen to distribute God’s truth than that he benefit financially, and that is commendable.

Being a shrewd spender is not a terrible thing. We are called to good stewardship, but let me ask you a question, dear Christian. Do you spend more money to watch the latest Marvel or DC movie than you would spend to buy a book like From Death to Life? Why does supporting a godly Christian man who is providing you a book that can stay on your shelf for decades and be passed onto your children require haggling over a few dollars, but you’ll spend $10 for popcorn while you watch the Hulk call Loki a “puny God?” Is not our Great God’s Kingdom more worth investing in?

What about a sports match? Theater tickets? Subscriptions to Netflix and cable, et al? There are so many places where our first world mentality permits us to throw money, and in some cases, throw money away! Men of God with limited abilities to build an audience are laboring to write godly content and sell it at a fair price—do we take advantage of their kindness and desire to get their book out regardless of personal cost to themselves? I propose that we all evaluate our habits in this area and commit to investing in God’s kingdom more than we do now!

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