Open Letter to Brothers

A post came across my feed last week, and I appreciate the courage to post something like this. It was an open letter from a godly Christian wife to her Christian husband who is not leading as he ought. I messaged Michelle Lesley (who had posted the letter), and I told her it was sad that the men who need an open letter like this probably don’t follow blogs like hers. So I am posting it here in the hopes that men who need it will stumble up on this and that men who know men who need this may share it with those who do.

Here’s an excerpt from the post.

She’s struggling, and she’s not quite sure how to communicate that struggle to you. She has tried to explain it to you in the past, but you either haven’t listened or haven’t done anything about it. And now she feels that if she brings it up again she’ll just make things worse. Or you’ve told her to stop nagging you. Or stop preaching at you.

She’s not nagging you or preaching at you. That’s not her heart. She’s trying to tell you she needs something from you that only you can provide and that God says you should be providing. And while she’s praying fervently that God would move upon your heart, there should also be the understanding between husband and wife that if one of you needs something all you have to do is ask your spouse, and your spouse will do everything possible to provide it.

But you’re not doing that. And that’s why, in desperation, your wife wrote to me asking me what to do. And that’s why I’m writing to you to plead with you on her behalf…

Your wife doesn’t expect you to lead your family perfectly. She wants you to want to and try to. And, though you might be afraid to try because you think you’ll mess up and your wife will see you as a failure, you need to know that a wife who is godly enough to want her husband to be the spiritual leader of her home sees your attempts and desires to lead as success – even if the results aren’t perfect. You’re judging yourself on the outcome. She’s valuing your heart and your trajectory in the process.

Your wife needs you to grow up, spiritually, and lead your family biblically.

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