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Wrath and Grace is holding a conference June 30, 2018 at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. I sat down with Franky Collazo, who is organizing this event in order to hear from his heart what he and the team at Wrath and Grace hope to accomplish.

Click to registerMichael: Thanks for agreeing to talk to me, Franky. Why don’t we start by you telling me a little bit about the conference?

Franky: The theme of the conference is “Christ is Greater than the Culture” (Christ>Culture). Last year it was “Christ in All of Scripture.” Our main goal at Wrath and Grace is to provide biblical resources to anybody that follows Wrath and Grace or supports Wrath and Grace.

After looking at things that have been going on in the country today, we decided it would be good to discuss different aspects of culture that are really big in conversation right now: like race, social media, politics, and how Christ is greater than all of that. We aren’t saying that those things are not important, because they most certainly are important for a believer to understand what’s going on. But those things need to be properly considered in the context of Christ as greater than all.

Michael: I know you don’t want to reveal too much, but it sounds like you are trying to get Christians who may be focused on some very good pursuits to refocus in order to ensure Christ is the center. Can you provide an example?

Franky: One example is race. Race issues have been huge in our country. And it’s not just recently, but it’s just been exposed recently through a variety of circumstances. I feel like it’s like a kettle that’s been building up with pressure, and now it’s so overwhelming. I think a lot of believers are not sure what to do or how to think about this. Our church has actually been having racial reconciliation discussions lately, and the elders are leading these discussions and helping people think about this and other issues.

For example, what does the Bible call us to as believers in dealing with any brother, regardless of race, but including racially charged situations as well. What we want to do is start from the perspective that we understand that race is an issue and a that lot of people are passionate about this topic because it affects a lot of people, and then, through the preaching, help people understand how Christ affects each subject is what we want to lay out from God’s Word that day.

Michael: I agree that these topics affect a lot of people and they affect them all differently. It seems like people either go to one extreme or the other. They either abandon the gospel and centrality of Christ altogether for the sake of the social issue or ignore the social issue entirely because they claim only eternal things matter. Do you notice that too?

FrankyYes. And each of those mindsets are what we want to confront. By proclaiming Christ>Culture, we refocus the minds of people who are too focused on temporary and cultural changes, but we also can emphasize the necessity of the believer in Christ applying his love for Christ to a hurting culture. If we had a life-verse at Wrath and Grace (even though we don’t) it would be 1 Corinthians 10:31. And we constantly ask ourselves how are we glorifying God in all we do.

Michael: So you’re not just a group of dudes that only likes hip hop?

Franky: Haha. No. We actually are hoping to add more artists from different genres to our group in the future. Our mission is to glorify Christ and provide biblical resources to the church.

Michael: Can you tell me any more details about the conference that people would need to know? Like cost, location, how to register or volunteer?

Franky: I’d be glad to. The conference is at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria Virginia and it’s June 30. One day, but it’s gonna be a full day. The doors will open at 8am. We’ll have goodies, lunch served on premises and the total admission fee is only $50. Each attendee will receive an exclusive Wrath and Grace shirt, lunch, and concert at the end of the conference in the evening. We are really excited about it and have the support of the local church, so we are sure it will be a good time.

If anyone wants to be a sponsor or has any questions, they can contact me, Franky Collazo, by email at

Michael: Well, thanks for talking to me and sharing your heart. Even though we just met, I can sense your passion for God and for God’s people and I like it!

Franky: Thank you, Michael. You have been encouraging. Hopefully, I’ll see you at the conference.

To register for the conference CLICK HERE.

Speakers include:

William Branch (The Ambassador)
Timothy Brindle
Clint Darst
Brian Davis (God’s Servant)
Curt Kennedy
Luke Walker

(More speakers to be announced)

Tickets Include:

1. Admission to the Conference
2. Exclusive Wrath and Grace Conference Shirt
3. Lunch
4. Concert
5. Live QnA’s
6. Other goodies

Go get your tickets! Don’t wait!

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