Unconditional Election

The biblical doctrine of election is God’s unconditional, eternal, immutable, particular, and effectual choice to save specific persons in Christ according to His own pleasure and not on the basis of foreseen faith or merit. This precious doctrine is the wellspring of every other salvific blessing believers experience for without election, other tenets of soteriology … Read more

How to Know if You’re Elect

For an upcoming project I’ve been reading some of Wilhelmus A. Brakel’s (1635–1711) The Christian’s Reasonable Service. It’s a four-volume work on which Reformation Heritage Books has a great price (link). The other night I was reading in Volume 1 on his treatment of election and reprobation. Toward the end of that chapter, he gave … Read more

The Christian Letter Project – Whitefield to Wesley on Election

a bundle of letters

The Christian Letter Project at ThingsAbove is about exposing our readers to one of the greatest traditions in our Christian history: writing letters! It is our goal to publish one each Monday. We are not endorsing everything found in each of these letters nor every doctrine held by those who wrote the letters. We hope … Read more