Receiving Christ in Saving Faith

Read these words from John Owen from his work, The Glory of Christ… You tell us to come to Christ. Well, what would you have us do? We hear the Word preached, we believe it as well as we can. We do many things willingly. We make every effort to abstain from many evils. What … Read more

How to Know if You’re Elect

For an upcoming project I’ve been reading some of Wilhelmus A. Brakel’s (1635–1711) The Christian’s Reasonable Service. It’s a four-volume work on which Reformation Heritage Books has a great price (link). The other night I was reading in Volume 1 on his treatment of election and reprobation. Toward the end of that chapter, he gave … Read more

False Conversion, Quarantine, and Apathy

I recently conversed with a young lady about why she left Christianity. More often than not, when I evangelize to someone in America, they have some sort of Christian background. This benefits me because the door slams open to discuss the gospel. And I asked her a question that I ask every false convert: How … Read more

God’s Desire for All: STTA!

Something to think about!

Below is Calvin’s commentary on 2 Peter 3:9. Though I would disagree with his exegesis here, I do agree with the theology and find it supported by the rest of Scripture, namely that, though God will not save all men, He does have a genuine desire for the salvation of the world. We must be … Read more

Assurance: “How Can I Know I’m Really Saved?”

Examine Yourself How do you know you are really a Christian?  Do you really know you are going to spend eternity in Heaven when you die? Are you sure you are actually right with a just and holy God? Can a true Christian lose their salvation? I recognize there is a danger in addressing this … Read more

A Christmas Gift for You

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. – Matthew 1:21 ‘Tis the Season It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But not just because the kids will be jingle belling. I love this time of year because Christians use it … Read more

The Sinner’s Prayer

*This post is adapted from Appendix 1 in the book From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. Many true believers repeated a prayer at the time of their conversion usually referred to as “the Sinner’s Prayer.” I am not saying that if you came to Christ and prayed this prayer, you are not saved. I’m … Read more