Robert Cara

Book Review — Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul

The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls takes its title from the Reformation era conviction that justification by faith is the dividing line between the biblical gospel and man-centered efforts to earn favor with God. Matthew Barrett serves as editor and co-author with several significant theologians. In the forward, D.A. Carson writes that nothing is more important than the subject of this massive volume (15). The book is organized into four parts, grouping the chapters by looking at justification according to what the Bible itself teaches, theological perspectives on the doctrine, church history, and pastoral practice.

Ep. 023 | New Perspectives on Paul — TAU Roundtable

On this episode of Things Above us Round Table, George Alvarado and Chuck Ivey continue our series on Getting the New Covenant Right by diving into the New Perspectives on Paul and the damage it does to the doctrine justification by faith. Scriptures: Genesis 15;...