Uncle Tom (movie review)

Uncle Tom Movie Review From https://www.uncletom.com/ An Oral History of the American Black Conservative In a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers, Uncle Tom takes a different look at being black in America. What’s It All About? Uncle Tom is a series of interviews in a documentary-style format … Read more

Ep. 039 | A Primer on Black Liberation Theology & BLM w/ Virgil Walker— TAU Roundtable

George Alvarado, Chuck Ivey, and Michael Coughlin are joined by Virgil Walker from the Just Thinking podcast to discuss Black Liberation Theology and its connection to the Black Lives Matter organization. Many are not aware that Black Lives Matter has some of its roots in Black Liberation theology, making it a theological issue, not just … Read more

Penal Substitutionary Atonement: The Very Thing We Need to Overcome Racial and Socialist Agendas

All sound theology flows from a proper and biblical understanding of the atonement of Christ. Juxtaposed to this, every heresy or agenda in some way will distort or redefine the cross. Knowing the biblical reason(s) for why Christ died is critical, essential, and foundational to immunizing ourselves from the heretical diseases that seem to abound … Read more

Who’s the Weaker Brother, Here?

The Premise Are those who are in opposition to the current SJWCROWD rhetoric concerning racism simply weaker brothers? A kind Christian on Twitter thought maybe that is how the SJWCROWD thinks. His point was that the SJWCROWD obviously considers themselves the stronger/more mature brother. He then applied Romans 14 to the discussion. I disagree with … Read more

Review: Lemuel Haynes, The Black Puritan

Christian biographies are some of the most enjoyable books to read, in my opinion. I love to hear how God saved a man (or woman), and what good work the Lord did in that person’s life, and through that person. The biography of Lemuel Haynes, by Pastor Luke Walker of Redeeming Cross Community Church is a … Read more

Recent Racist Rhetoric Reflections

Hot Take My take on the recent rhetoric about race. There really is evil in the world in the form of racism. Like abortion, some Christians are on the front lines fighting that evil as the outworking of their faith in Christ. This is a good thing. Some Christians are victims‪ of racism as well. … Read more

Christians and Privilege

The idea of one needing to check his privilege first came across my eyes and ears a few years back. I remember thinking, quite naively in hindsight, that this was just a few college students who are professionally and perpetually outraged being coached by some untenured professor trying to make a name for herself. “Such … Read more

Sad Facts About Racism

Try to picture this in your mind. It’s February 29, 2016. John Connell was stopping at the grocery store to pick up a few items. Seeing a lady exiting the store as he was about to enter, John rushes to the door and opens it for her. Bad move, John! The lady walks through the … Read more