Psalm 119:17-20 — Open My Eyes!

Welcome to another pSaturday Psalm! This week we enter a new octet. Psalm 119:17 starts with the letter “Gimel.” One thing I realized for those who memorize this passage of scripture — when you’ve finished you’ll know the Hebrew alphabet! This octet continues the themes we’ve already seen in this psalm and drives home a key … Read more

Psalm 119:9-12 — Purity is the Objective

This week’s memory verses bring us deeper into this blessed Psalm and introduce a biblical term which is under-used and not often understood—purity. As we continue to study Psalm 119 and memorize it, I trust that God is causing you to meditate on His Word throughout your day. Memorization is a tool—a good tool—but the … Read more

Psalm 119:5-8 — Blessed!

As I meditated on Psalm 119:5-8 this week, I was overwhelmed by the psalmist’s obvious love for the Lord Jesus Christ. What is remarkable about my observation is that nowhere in the first 40 verses of this glorious psalm does the term love even appear. The legalist that still resides in my dead flesh wants me to … Read more