Suffering for Glory

Author’s note: After almost taking a year off of writing because of trials and transition from military to retirement, and after a year I wrote An Open Letter to Afflicted Saints, I thought I would share another shade of truth that I pray will help those who are currently enduring a season of suffering. Originally … Read more

Why Heaven Now is Incomplete

First, I’ll admit that I’m a bit hesitant about the word “incomplete.” I don’t mean to imply heaven is an existence of suffering. It’s not. The souls of believers have no more sin or sorrow or pain or suffering. And I want us to also remember the beautiful words of Psalm 16:11 — “You make … Read more

What Happens When You Die?

I had a seminary assignment recently that I thought might be a benefit to our readers. I’m posting it in its entirety below. The Question You learn that a dear older lady in your church is dying of colon cancer, so you promptly begin visiting her in the hospital. She is delighted to see you, … Read more

Assurance: “How Can I Know I’m Really Saved?”

Examine Yourself How do you know you are really a Christian?  Do you really know you are going to spend eternity in Heaven when you die? Are you sure you are actually right with a just and holy God? Can a true Christian lose their salvation? I recognize there is a danger in addressing this … Read more