Book Review — Kingdom Through Covenant – 2nd Edition

In Kingdom Through Covenant – 2nd Edition, Gentry and Wellum have given us a much needed updated to their seminal work on the biblical covenants. Whether one finds their arguments convincing or not, theologians who argue for or against covenant theology or dispensationalism will eventually have to consider the claims made by the authors.

Ep. 036 | Misunderstanding Covenantalism vs Dispensationalism — TAU Roundtable

George Alvarado is joined by guest, Andrew Rappaport from Striving from Eternity, to discuss misunderstandings between Covenantalists and Dispensationalists. Andrew Recently recorded a short series on his podcast, The Rapp Report, that addresses some of his perspectives, as well as recent statements made by John MacArthur from the Shepherd’s conference about the Christocentric hermeneutic. He … Read more