Book Review: Truth & Grace Memory Book 1

I bought this book on the recommendation of a reformed Baptist pastor friend. I knew that I was supposed to teach my kids, and I had learned the value of catechizing them, but I didn’t know where to start. The Baptist Catechism book I owned seemed “too big” to ask my little ones to memorize. The question and answer format is a great teaching tool, in my opinion, so when I saw that Founders had produced a children’s catechism which was recommended by a trusted friend, I purchased a copy immediately.

Children’s Book Review – The Barber Who Wanted to Pray

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray by R.C. Sproul Summary (from the Ligonier website) This imaginative tale from the late R.C. Sproul, based on a true story, begins one evening with Mr. McFarland leading family devotions. When his daughter asks him how she should pray, Mr. McFarland shares a 500-year-old story about a barber and his famous … Read more

Children’s Book Review: Dynomike: Pay It Forward

Dynomike: Pay It Forward Children’s Book on Being Kind by by Frankie B. Rabbit (Author), Robyn Mendolla (Author) BooksGoSocial Dynomike: Pay It Forward is a book for children aged about 3-6 years old, in my opinion. I am not aware of the character “Dynomike” so if he is an already known character I don’t much … Read more

Children’s Book Review: Pause Power

The key for Gabe is to use his “pause power” when he is upset. By pausing and thinking through his next choice, Gabe is able to make better choices. Basically, the book teaches children to pause before acting out on anger and to take deep breaths or count. It falls short of teaching children to trust God and to avoid sin for the sake of righteousness, so it won’t be sufficient for a Christian home, but the ideas presented are not bad, especially the tips for parents to help you teach your child to stay calm.

Children’s Book Review: Leo’s Monster

Leo’s Monster is a book for children aged about 4-7 years old. The setting is “the country” where a city mouse (Leo) visits his friend Zoe. Leo ventures out without Zoe and encounters what he can only assume is some sort of monster!