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R.C. Sproul – Defender of the Reformed Faith (book review)

Nate Pickowicz’s new biography, R.C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed Faith from H&E Publishing is an accessible and concise look at one of the most influential teachers God ever gifted to the church.

Biblical Doctrine and Biblical Theology (book reviews)

In this article, we have the privilege of offering you another double review. We will be looking Biblical Doctrine (a systematic theology, not a biblical theology), and Invitation to Biblical Theology (a how-to on biblical theology, not systematic theology). Confused yet? Don’t be. It will be ok. We can do this. Enjoy.

Legacy Standard Bible Gospel of Mark: Initial Observations

Wake up and smell the coffee. Wait, does John MacArthur drink coffee? Wake up and smell the...uh...Postum? Are the rest of you drinking Postum? There's a new Bible translation coming, and it's looking really promising. Unfortunately, the only major engagement the...

Sundays Are For Training

I graduated from High School and Bible College with adequate grades. I tried, but I didn't exactly...

Seven Books I’ve Read So Far In 2018 (And You Should Too)

Seven Books I’ve Read So Far In 2018 (And You Should Too)

I read books! I told a young friend of mine the other day, "Christians are readers." Obvious sentiment, I know, because there is no such thing as a Bible-less Christian, and, if you don't want to be Bible-less, you have to read. This is a skill every Christian needs...