Ep. 002 | Marriage, Divorce, and Adoption — TAU Roundtable

In TAU Roundtable 002, the guys discuss Timmmm’s post about marriage and divorce, and we get in depth about how the church should support foster parents and adoptive parents. We also plug some books we like and offer...

Ep. 001 | Revoice, Counseling, and Rachel Held Evans — TAU Roundtable

In TAU Roundtable 001, the guys discuss Timmmm's tweet, the Revoice conference, counseling, and Rachel Held Evans. We also plug some books we like and/or wrote and offer rapid-fire sports hot-takes at the end.

When Was The Last Time You Genuinely, Prayerfully Considered Full-Time Missions?

This is a letter from Eric Kaisoa of Papua New Guinea (PNG), sent to New Tribes Mission (NTM): “I’m writing again for the 7th time to ask if you will come to my village or not…The people are saying that you must come. I’m saying this again. I think you all didn’t get...