Posted On June 11, 2019

Lawsuit: Pastor Suffered Severe Burn after Stepping on Logos

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Theology

bandaged foot next to a Logos Bible Software laptop on fire

GARLAND, TX — A local pastor is taking legal action after he suffered a second-degree burn on his right foot after accidentally stepping on Logos.

Unlike a typical dad who might occasionally step on his kids’ wayward toys, Pastor Jimmy Watts says he was walking last Saturday in his home when his foot happened upon his laptop computer, which was running Logos Bible Software. “Yow, that hurt!” Watts exclaimed as he explained to Things Beneath Us what exactly happened. The Logos software happened to be indexing its library, causing Watts’ computer to run at an extremely high temperature. Watts had to be treated at a local hospital for his injury.

This incident comes very recently after a rash of parsonage fires in Georgia. Investigators are looking into whether Logos caused pastors’ computers to burn their residences to a crisp. Moreover, a different lawsuit filed last month in California alleges that the Logos software is actually a covert means by which Logos’ parent company Faithlife is mining cryptocurrency, which could help explain the overheating problem.

Although legal experts expect Watts’ complaint to make it into Federal court, a judge dismissed a similar lawsuit against physical Bible publisher Crossway last week. The plaintiff alleged that an ESV Bible gave her husband sharp cuts all the way to the bones of his hands, causing him ultimately to bleed to death. The judge found that Hebrews 4:12 constituted sufficient notice of the danger of mishandling the sacred text.

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