Posted On June 20, 2020

Ep. 039 | A Primer on Black Liberation Theology & BLM w/ Virgil Walker— TAU Roundtable

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Theology, Things Above Us Roundtable


George Alvarado, Chuck Ivey, and Michael Coughlin are joined by Virgil Walker from the Just Thinking podcast to discuss Black Liberation Theology and its connection to the Black Lives Matter organization. Many are not aware that Black Lives Matter has some of its roots in Black Liberation theology, making it a theological issue, not just a socio-political issue. So we decided to create this primer to help anyone who seeks to understand the theological underpinnings of this movement.

On this episode, we discuss: What is the history of Black Liberation Theology? Who was James Cone? What was his view of the atonement? Was he a heretic? What is the connection of Black Liberation Theology to the Black Lives Matter movement? How should we respond as Christians? And much more…

Links to other lectures talked about on the podcast:

1) George Floyd and the Gospel | Just Thinking Podcast

2) Ep. 008 | The Social Justice Episode | TAU Roundtable

3) Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology | George Alvarado

4) Whiteness | Just Thinking Podcast

5) The Briefing – June 18, 2020 A Look at Black Lives Matter | Albert Mohler

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  1. Shauna

    Thank you for addressing this important topic. Praying the Lord would give us all ears to hear HIS TRUTH.


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