Posted On May 11, 2020

Ep. 037 | Exalted Above the Heavens: Interview w/Peter Orr — TAU Roundtable

by | May 11, 2020 | Theology, Things Above Us Roundtable


George Alvarado is joined by guest, Peter Orr, author of Exalted Above The Heavens, to discuss his book.

Why Christ’s bodily presence in heaven important? What does Scripture teach about his absence and his presence? How does the Holy Spirit, the Church, gospel preaching, and Christian suffering manifest the presence of Christ on earth? What is Christ doing in heaven right now?

If you entered our book giveaway, we will also be announcing the three winners! If your email is announced, please email Michael (at) ThingsAbove.Us with your name and address to let us know where we can send the book.

Join us as we answer these questions, and others, on this episode of Roundtable at Things Above Us.

A Little About Peter Orr

Position: Lecturer in New Testament at Moore College in Sydney, Australia

Qualifications: MEng (Nottingham), BD (Moore), PhD (Dunelm)

“I am married to Emma, and we have four sons. I grew up in Northern Ireland and was converted through a combination of reading the NT and attending a Billy Graham meeting. My early, clear experience of the power of God’s word has given me a deep conviction of the importance of Bible teaching. After university in England, I was a missionary for two years in Galaţi in Romania in the early 1990s. I studied at Moore in the mid-2000s before returning to the UK to complete a PhD at Durham University. We then moved to Melbourne where I taught at a Bible college before returning to Moore in 2014. As a family, we enjoy serving together at All Saints Petersham as well as holidays at the beach. I enjoy reading biographies and fiction and listening to the music of the Gloaming.”

Research interests: include the nature of the exalted Christ; work in the New Testament; gentleness as a Christian virtue.

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