Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 1: The Good)

Dr. William Varner is a well-established Master’s University professor and experienced linguist. His exegetical and historical skill is fairly known among those within the biblical linguistics community, and those who have heard him speak at the seminary, or as a guest speaker. Nevertheless, as skilled as Dr. Varner is, this book has some theological concerns … Read more

Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 4: Final Thoughts)

If you have not read Parts 1 -3 concerning The Good, The Odd, and The Concerning, please do so first. In this section, I want to reiterate that this book is worth getting for its historical value. Varner is also an experienced exegete, and I praise God that he has challenged his readers to think … Read more

Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 3: The Concerning)

If you have not read Parts 1 and 2 concerning The Good and The Odd, please do so first. Anyone who knows me knows that nothing makes me sit up and listen more discerningly than when dealing with the atonement. It is in my experience that most (if not all) heresies, at some point lead … Read more

Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 2: The Odd)

If you have not read Part 1 of this review concerning The Good, please do so first. While there is much to be praised about this work historically, there are some oddities in some sections. This isn’t necessarily negative per se, although it may seem that way. For the most part, the oddities come down … Read more

Ep. 037 | Exalted Above the Heavens: Interview w/Peter Orr — TAU Roundtable

George Alvarado is joined by guest, Peter Orr, author of Exalted Above The Heavens, to discuss his book. Why Christ’s bodily presence in heaven important? What does Scripture teach about his absence and his presence? How does the Holy Spirit, the Church, gospel preaching, and Christian suffering manifest the presence of Christ on earth? What … Read more

Jesus Wept. But Not For Lazarus

Jesus wept (John 11:35). Perhaps one of the most memorable verses in the bible next to John 3:16. Not because of content, but word count (and certainly not because of context). When teachers ask students to learn a memory verse, they humorously remove this one as an option. But in another context, typically at funerals, … Read more