Dealing w/Criticism: 12 Points to Consider by Joel Beeke

Pastor Joel Beeke has featured his twelve points concerning how to deal with criticism on many podcasts and conferences. I felt it necessary to share the 12 Points here, provide short points based upon my own experience (and Beeke’s), and share the several links below where he has discussed these in more detail. Though these … Read more

Pastors, Plagues, and Playing Games

In my GBTS class on ecclesiology the other night, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson told us the story of John Calvin’s pastoral ministry in Geneva during the plague of 1542. I was able to check out Harry Reeder’s work in John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion Doctrine & Theology (edited by Burk Parsons) to learn a little more. … Read more

Help a Brother Out – An Exhortation to Christian Drinkers

Christians have a variety of opinions on alcohol use. For this post, we are going to work out from the idea that Christians are free to drink alcohol, however, becoming drunk is always a sin. But, although Christians are not required biblically to partake of total abstinence from this substance, there are some Christians who … Read more

On the Election of Infants – Part 1

What Happens When a Baby Dies? Many folks have argued whether babies go to Heaven for centuries. Instead of putting forth an argument, per se, I want to summarize what the possible positions one can take would be, and at least try to eliminate the ones that seem absurd, while explaining some of the implications … Read more