Biblical Doctrine and Biblical Theology (book reviews)

In this article, we have the privilege of offering you another double review. We will be looking Biblical Doctrine (a systematic theology, not a biblical theology), and Invitation to Biblical Theology (a how-to on biblical theology, not systematic theology). Confused yet? Don’t be. It will be ok. We can do this. Enjoy.

Sundays Are For Training

I graduated from High School and Bible College with adequate grades. I tried, but I didn’t exactly over-exert myself, to be honest. “Coasting” was probably the right word for it. I learned enough and enjoyed the classes I enjoyed and got through the classes I needed to get through. Regrets Not a day goes by … Read more

God’s Sovereignty Over Evil

A typical atheist mantra seems to be something along the lines, “God doesn’t exist and I hate Him.” One of the reasons cited for this hatred is because we live in a world with pain, suffering, and evil. A few years ago British comedian Stephen Fry was asked what he would say if he was … Read more

Seven Books I’ve Read So Far In 2018 (And You Should Too)

I read books! I told a young friend of mine the other day, “Christians are readers.” Obvious sentiment, I know, because there is no such thing as a Bible-less Christian, and, if you don’t want to be Bible-less, you have to read. This is a skill every Christian needs to hone. Thankfully, in the centuries following the … Read more