How Children Ought to Behave to Obey The Fifth Commandment

The following is an outline of some of the practical responsibilities of children to their parents. Parents: you are responsible to teach your children to do these things and to hold them accountable to these virtues. Consider printing this page or you can download a Word version here. Some children will balk, but others will … Read more

Soft Soil and Tender Shoots

A Little Background My wife and I have 3 girls under 5, and we’re still working out what raising godly children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4) really means in a practical sense. For us, it sometimes looks like listening to hymns or Bible stories in the car on the way … Read more

Recreational Youth Baseball: What it is, What it isn’t, and How to Enjoy it

Recreational baseball has the awesome opportunity to play a small part in the shaping of America’s next generation. That’s a remarkable privilege that coaches, parents, and a community dare not take lightly. We are dealing with precious cargo. Woe to us if we mishandle the occasion! To whom much is given, much is required.

An Open Letter to Unbelieving Parents

Dear Unbelieving Mom, Dad, or Grandparent, Perhaps you are a flat-out denier of the truth of Christianity. Or, perhaps, you would not refer to yourself as an “unbeliever” at all since you do profess to be a Christian. But, for all intents and purposes, you are what is referred to as a “nominal” Christian. In … Read more

Sloth, Sam Sloth: The Unlikely Detective — Children’s Book Review

Noble, Sara. Sloth, Sam Sloth: The Unlikely Detective. Independently published, 2021. 32pp. $8.99. Purchase here. Biographical Sketch of the Author Sara Noble (From Amazon)  I love writing, painting with acrylics, drawing, teaching, hiking, running, cats, books, laughing, puns, and embracing the good, noble, lovely, and praiseworthy things of this life. I do have a Bachelor’s … Read more

John Calvin (book review)

From the Back Cover In this attractive volume, Simonetta Carr introduces young readers to the life, thought, and work of one of the most famous Reformers of the Christian church. She tells about the life of John Calvin from his birth to his death, placing him within the troubled context of the sixteenth century. Carr … Read more

John Newton (book review)

Never in my life have I read a testimony that brought to mind my own life as the biography of John Newton. From the near-death experiences displaying the providence of God to the conversion of a hateful sinner into a preacher of God’s love, I was moved on nearly every page by the demonstration of … Read more

Jonathan Edwards (book review)

From the Back Cover Jonathan Edwards lived at a time when many people were seriously questioning long-accepted ideas about the world, life, and God, and his answers to these questions have left a mark on the way we think today. While he is often remembered as the preacher of a scary sermon about a spider … Read more

Julia Gonzaga (book review)

Carr, Simonetta. Julia Gonzaga (Christian Biographies for Young Readers). Hardcover. Reformation Heritage Books, 2018. 64pp. $8. Purchase at RHB website. Biographical Sketch of Author and Illustrator Simonetta Carr – Author (from Amazon) Award-winning author Simonetta Carr was born in Italy and has lived and worked in different cultures. She worked first as an elementary school … Read more

It’s Good to Be a Boy by Spurgeon — Children’s Book Review

Spurgeon, Joseph. It’s Good to be a Boy. Large type / Large print edition. 5 Solas Press, 2020. 26pp. $14. Purchase here. Biographical Sketch of the Author (From Amazon) Joseph Spurgeon is the husband of a beautiful and godly woman named Rowina, father to six children, and pastor/church planter of Sovereign King Church in Southern … Read more