Things Above Needs Your Help

Hello brothers and sisters! Michael Coughlin, Allen Nelson, Chuck Ivey, Dave Mitchell, and George Alvarado need your help. We write at Things Above Us and desire our audience and subscriptions to expand. So in essence, we just need three things. If you can help with one or more of these, that would be awesome. Help … Read more

Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6 Knowledge is power, so they say. When it comes to knowing the character of God, the lack of knowledge is detrimental. Contextually, the weight of this verse lies on the spiritual leaders of God’s people. What an absolute travesty that God’s own people would … Read more

Stubborn as a Mule

I played Donkey Basketball one time. After that experience, I can say I have firsthand understanding of what the phrase “stubborn as a mule” means (Yes, I know. A donkey and a mule are two different animals, but you get the illustration). The whole reason “donkey basketball” is funny is because you can’t really make … Read more

Why We Should Have Seeker Sensitive Churches

I can’t really document the dates so well, but I think most will generally agree that at the turn of the century the “Seeker Sensitive” movement was in full gear. This movement’s mantra is, essentially, that churches should be designed for seekers. In my own state of Arkansas, I hear a lot of talk about … Read more

Do You Have to Go to Church Every Sunday?

A familiar ding of the phone went off. (That’s right, I still walk around with my cellular device on loud). The text message read: “So you think you have to go to church every Sunday?” The reason for this message was because I had reached out to some church members who had missed quite a … Read more

Before The Throne Book Review: Exalting God’s Holiness

I’m happy and blessed to have read Allen Nelson’s book, Before the Throne. There aren’t many books about God’s holiness that accurately convey the wondrous truths of God’s manifold holiness in 12 readable, bite-sized, yet satisfying, chapters. It was a breath of fresh air which humbled me before my God, and brought worshipful reminders to … Read more