Book Review: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death?

Brett A. Baggett, Dusty Deevers, and James Silberman: Rescue Those: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death? Copyright 2021  Rescue Those INC. You can order copies here. These booklets are given away for free. I suggest Christians who benefit from this work would choose to support this ministry. About the Publisher Rescue … Read more

Official Press Release from Planned Parenthood Re: COVID-19

From the desk of Alexis McGill Johnson, President, Planned Parenthood, LLC Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) public health concerns, I wanted to put the minds of Americans everywhere at ease. First, our commitment to slaughter, dismemberment, burning, or simple infanticide by plan B is unwavering. That is to say that there is no public health scare that will … Read more

The Ugly Business Of Politics And The Trinitarian Hope of Romans 1:1-6

As I write, the presidential campaign season is in full swing. While my fellow Americans decide who will take over the Executive Branch, one thing we all know for certain: politics is an ugly business. Politics is a proud industry. It’s pure egotism. Whatever problem society faces, every single one of these candidates wholeheartedly believes … Read more

Ohio State House Heartbeat Bill Testimony

Skip to the video Today, March 26, 2019, Lord willing, I will have an opportunity to speak for up to 5 minutes before the Ohio State House Health Committee regarding a “heartbeat bill” they will be voting on soon. A heartbeat bill is a pro-life bill which seeks to make abortion illegal if a fetal … Read more