Earthly Weeds, Heavenly Grass, & Scorched Earth

The picture showcased on this blog is my front yard. It was “scorched,” not by typical Texas heat, but from freezing temperatures we recently experienced.

One thing I noticed was that cold weather produced the same visual results that scorching heat does.

This made me think of how God operates in our trials and afflictions. Whether we feel our trials to be like a scorching heat or a biting cold, remember that the results are similar because God does two things.

First, He exposes the weeds in my life. By weeds, I mean sins, imperfections, weaknesses, shortcomings, failures, etc. But that’s not all.

I also noticed other blades of grass that managed to survive through the cold. Blades that hid amongst healthy grass that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. These plants tend to show themselves because they are more resilient to inclement conditions.

This had me thinking about God’s word, grace, love, mercy, promises, character, attributes. etc. In other words, the heavenly grass that remains and endures reminds and strengthens us to persevere through in-climate conditions.

And because we often overlook these precious demonstrations of God’s faithfulness to us, it isn’t until “our” grass withers (i.e. health, wealth, safety, comfort) that we notice and appreciate what is eternal and enduring once again.

So my quick thought is this:

Next time you undergo affliction and trial, remember that the grass withers so that God can bring you to a place where you can see clearly his greater redemptive purposes (if you’re a Christian). And even though at times it may not be because you did anything sinful, it will always serve the purpose of bringing you to a place where God’s enduring purposes shine forth in your life for the Glory of Christ. And in this, your intimacy with Him grows sweeter.

– Until we go home

Relevant Scriptures:

Psalm 42:8; 102:4 (read whole psalm); 103:15-18
John 17:22-23
Hebrews 6:17-18; 10:36;
1 Peter 1: 24-25

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