The Reformed Christian and the Sovereignty of God

This is just a quick post highlighting some great quotes from Joel Beeke on the sovereignty of God. This is from his book Reformed PreachingThe quotes are found on pages 64 and 66.

The reformed Christian believes that God is the Lord of life and Sovereign of the universe, whose will is the key to history. He believes that God is free to accomplish his purposes independent of any force outside himself; that he knows the end from the beginning; that he creates, sustains, governs, and directs all things; and that his marvelous design will be fully and perfectly manifest at the end of the ages…

[God’s] sovereignty is in perfect harmony with all of God’s attributes. The believer finds peace in the conviction that behind God’s all-encompassing providence is the full acquiescence of the triune God. The sovereign grace and love that went to Calvary has the whole world in its hands. God’s fatherly sovereignty in Christ is the essence of who God is.

To be Reformed means to be God centered. To preach Reformed truth is to help people see God as the great King of grace, present and working at all times and places to carry out his wise plan of eternal love.

Look up, dear Christian! God reigns! Christ is King and no matter what has befallen you this day or during this season, know that God sings over His children in love (cf. Zeph. 3:17) and is orchestrating every atom in the universe toward to good of His people and the glory of His great name (cf. Rom. 8:28).

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      • You’re welcome, Pastor Allen. Keep writing and encouraging us as you have been…always keeping our eyes focused on a Sovereign God!


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