Tweets I Didn’t Send

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ICYMI, I have been avoiding Twitter™ since mid-July. As part of a church plant (yay!) my priorities have changed (a quote on that in the body of this post). So the social media world has missed my “words of wisdom” as of late.

But my avoidance of Twitter™ doesn’t necessarily imply I didn’t think of any “tweets.” So here are some quick thoughts I’ve had over the past few months that I hope are edifying to the brethren and RTable.

Feel free to comment or contact me personally for clarification or expansion on these thoughts! Some are concise enough that they can’t prove every argument they make.

Oh, and if you didn’t know this, you can highlight the text below and a little tweet button will appear with a shortcut to tweet these quips if you like.

On busy-ness:

You are not too busy, nor do you “not have enough time.” You always have “enough” time. The matter is boiled down to what activities or people do you prioritize with your time?

On marriage, advice for the ladies:

If some of you ladies fought your flesh as hard as you fight your husband, you’d both be happier and you’d be a whole lot holier.

On heaven:

When I hear some people’s thoughts of heaven, it seems they’ve confused glorification and deification.

When I hear some people’s thoughts of heaven, it seems they’ve confused sinfulness with creatureliness.

On Coram Deo:

God sees and knows your suffering for His sake. Do not lose heart though man be against you.

On bad pastors:

Being gifted to preach does not necessarily imply that you are called to be a pastor. In a related story, not many of you should be teachers.

On mercy:

Mercy is that tender love of God that pities the sinner, forebears to execute justice, provides a substitute, sends the Spirit to quicken the dead, and grants faith unto salvation.

On understanding:

The doctrine that a person has to have been through the same or similar experience as you have in order for that person to speak about it is insidious—at best.

On faithlessness:

We ought to be similar in our judgment towards the anxious as we are toward the sexually immoral. It’s not that depression, et al, do not exist, but when we pretend like they are never sinful nor rooted in or affected by sin, we lose sight of the remedies God has provided and we do a disservice to the afflicted.

On police:

There are probably a lot of bad cops. We live in a cursed world. There are bad doctors, nurses, lawyers, pastors, and bloggers, too. The existence of people who will abuse a godly, orderly system doesn’t necessitate the destruction of the system. We need to be able to think about categories and ideologies as well as anecdotes.

Also, be grateful for the abundance of good police officers we have in the USA. The day may be coming when you will no longer have any good ones to call upon. And pray for their families.

On reproduction:

Everyone knows there is a baby inside a pregnant woman. That is PRECISELY why they procure abortions. Stop hating women and start telling them that abortion is murder and that Hell awaits murderers, even those who just let someone else murder their child.

Pray for those of us who are actually engaging in this battle. It’s terribly dark and difficult.

On the COVID-19 pandemic:

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

On the conscience:

The fact that something does not violate your conscience is not enough to label it wise or even right. Your conscience can be wrong. Be willing to dig deeper and at least listen to your friend who you are afraid is trying to bind your conscience.

On Trump’s resume:

Hailed as the most pro-gay president ever. Hasn’t defunded Planned Parenthood (didn’t he promise this?). Is willing to kill fewer babies than Biden and any Democrat (holds to exceptions) … but is either powerless to do anything about it or is unwilling. Has appointed at least one (socially) liberal judge. But I’ll give him credit where credit is due—he gives the proper lip-service to God which is better than any Democrat.

And he’s the best there is when it comes to standing up for police.

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