ThingsAbove.Us Christmas Giveaways!

In an effort to get our Things Above Us Shop up and running (ThingsAbove.Us/shop) we are offering Christmas giveaways each Friday between 11/15/19 and 12/20/19!

You will receive an entry for EACH item purchased. All you have to do to enter is to order through the store by Friday, December 20 at 12 pm CST. This can be an order for a book, a shirt, a hoodie, or all the above. Order 3 shirts and get 3 entries.

Those who make an order and leave a review will receive one extra entry!

How it Works

Once your name is entered in the drawing it will stay in contention for winning until we draw your name or the contest expires. If you win, you get to choose one of the 6 prize packs below. There will be a drawing each Friday beginning 11/15 and ending on 12/20, so the earlier you enter, the better!

The Prize Packs

So, what are we giving away? I’m glad you asked! Here are the 6 prize packs available. If you win, just tell us which one you want and it will be removed for the remainder of the drawings!

Prize Pack #1

Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur


Prize Pack #2 – This prize pack is gone! Congrats Andrew!

Faith Alone by Thomas Schreiner

Prize Pack #3 – This prize pack is gone! Congrats Greg!

Being a Christian by Jason Allen and Maturity by Sinclair Ferguson

Prize Pack #4  – This prize pack is gone! Congrats Ward!


The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith in Modern English and
The Church: Why Bother? by Jeff Johnson

Prize Pack #5  Prize Pack Gone! Congrats Nicholas!

Simplicity in Preaching by J.C. Ryle and Biblical Theology by Nick Roark & Robert Cline

Prize Pack #6  Prize Pack Gone! Congrats Terry!

The Unrepenting Repenter (tract) by Jim Elliff
The Solemn Assembly (pamphlet) by Richard Owen Roberts
Journible Through Psalm 119
Dangers of the Invitation System by Jim Ehrhard

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