The Life of Charles Weigle

My dear friend and mentor Kerry Allen sent me an email with the following message:

If you can read pages 3-6 and the words of Down deep in the sea and not weep a bucket of tears then you must have lived a better life than me before you were saved. But I don’t think you did. And I think you will weep.

So I filed the link above under “to be read” and after 6 weeks I finally got around to reading it. I took Kerry’s message as a challenge to try not to cry.

Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Failed!

As I got into Charles Weigle’s conversion story, I started to become more intrigued in my heart, then the FLOOD BEGAN. Not only had I failed to “not cry,” but I was bawling my eyes out. The story is so interesting that I kept reading.

And now, I commend it to you. Here is the free e-book pdf: Life and Songs of Charles Weigle.

And if you are a preacher and you don’t have a copy of Spurgeon’s Quotes: The Definitive Collection with Foreword by John MacArthur and compiled for you by Kerry Allen, you can get it here: Book Link

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